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YBFF's Pet Care Services

YBFF specializes in caring for your pets in your own home for weekend get-aways, vacations of any length, holiday travel or when you are injured, ill or just too busy to care for your pet. We offer:

  • Personalized pet sitting of all type animals in your home
  • Personalized care of horses (feeding/cleaning stalls/pens) - Care of your home while you are away (mail/trash/papers/plants/flowers/packages/a watchful eye)
  • AM, midday and afternoon walking and excercise programs - Quick vists for a stretch and potty break - Administer medications including injections - Pet Chauffuer service (to/from vet or groomer)- Pet errands (pet store for food and supply)




Your Best Friend - Caymus The number one reason dogs should get their daily exercise is to maintain a healthy weight. Some of the benefits of regular exercise include improved muscle tone, endurance, and preventing cardiovascular disease. Talk with your vet about all the benefits of routine exercise for your pet. Your pet will tell you it's just a blast, makes them happy and they get to enjoy that "dog's life" they so deserve but you will know it's good for them as well.

Because of hectic schedules, emergencies and long hours at work, it's not always possible to walk our furry friends on a regular basis or enough to insure fitness and health. At YBFF, we are able to set up regular daily program or as many times a week as you require. Some of our clients just have us walk their best friends once or twice a week because it's an adventure, fun, and gives them a break from that regular routine. The length of walk can range from 15 minutes to as long as you wish. We also provide a quick visit for those not needing exercise. A quick visit provides a potty break, keeping your home free of accidents. We are community conscious and will always clean up during our walk. At each visit, we will ensure your pet has fresh water when we leave, and you will have a note left in your best friend's folder telling you of our adventures for that day. Our flexible scheduling allows for walking in the morning, afternoon or evening to accommodate your needs.

We have several clients who send their furry friends to doggie day care one or two days a week for a little change. We are fine with that and in most cases, able to provide the transportation to and from day care providing it is scheduled in advance.

Dogs are always walked on leash. YBFF provides our own leashes and should your dog wear a certain collar/training collar, we will use that as instructed. Should your pet require some minor obedience work, we can incorporate that into the walks. We will always reinforce learned behaviors and commands as you instruct us to do.

YBFF normally provides one-on-one walks with just your pets. However, if you do have friends in the same complex/neighborhood that need dog walking services, we will be more than happy to combine the dogs, providing they get along with each other and are fairly obedient. A discount will be given for combined walks. Because we have regularly scheduled daily walks, we ask that scheduling of as-needed visits/walks be scheduled with as much advance notice as possible. It is sometimes difficult for us to rearrange schedules and shuffle times to accommodate short notice requests, but we will do our best.


More than 65% of all households have some kind of pet. If you are like most pet lovers, you hate to leave your pets in unfamiliar surroundings while you travel. According to the American Humane Society, pets are happiest when they are at home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells. From a pet's perspective the familiar environment, diet and exercise routine, along with the personal attention and fun provided by a professional pet care-giver is the perfect answer. Eliminating the trauma for your pet of being transported, minimizing exposure to illnesses of other animals and eliminating the stress caused from the noise and turmoil in a kennel are additional advantages to you and your pets alike by staying in their own home. You will have peace of mind knowing your pets and your home are in our caring, capable hands.

Prior to any type of service provided by YBFF, we will arrange an in-home meeting so that we can meet you and your pets, and you will have an opportunity to get to know us. At that time, we will obtain detailed information about caring for your pets and home, including the number of visits each day you will require. We will explain exactly how our service will work for you, and you can ask any questions you might have. There is no charge for this initial visit. We will also request two keys to your home at this time. The keys will remain in our possession for future service unless you request the keys be returned. All keys are safely organized and locked up in our office. There is a charge for drop off or pick up of keys after the initial service.

The number of visits per day your pet(s) require will be determined according to the type of pet, age of pet, how they are confined, if there is availability to a doggie-door, and of course, what your preference is. Special needs such as medications or special treatments, and the time schedule for these, are also taken into consideration. Some homes require only one visit per day, while others may require two or more.

Each visit we make is tailored to your specific needs. We spend one-on-one time with your pets, providing exercise, walks, play times, feedings, fresh water, litter scooping, brushings, stall cleaning, administer/inject medications, as needed, and lots of love and attention.

YBFF will seek medical treatment in case of illness, including transportation of your pet to your vet or an emergency clinic, if necessary. Transportation of your pet in case of illness and/or emergency will be charged hourly at a rate of $40.00 billed per quarter hour. We will attempt to contact you with the numbers you provided, and attempt to contact your emergency contact as well. We do not provide horse (large animal) transportation, but your vet will be contacted in case of illness or injury, and we will remain with the animal, or have the owner's emergency contact remain with the animal until the vet arrives.

Your Best Friend - Horse YBFF will help secure your home with the impression of occupancy: alternating lights, adjusting blinds, turning a radio on and off, and doing a daily walk through the entire house (included in pet-sitting fees).

YBFF will bring in newspapers, mail, fliers and packages each day. We will take your trash and recycling bins to the curb and back on the appropriate day (included in pet-sitting fees).

YBFF will water flowers and plants inside and out with no additional charge providing it is not too time consuming. We will also fill outdoor bird feeders if needed. The pets are our first priority.

On occasion a pet will have an accident in the home. We carry supplies with us and will clean up the accident the best we are able.

YBFF will provide a daily note so you will be able to read about our adventures and fun times, as well as any problems or difficulties that might have come up while you were gone. We welcome you to call or email to check on your furry friends while you are gone.

Your pets will be watching for our arrival each visit.

Upon your arrival home, we ask that you call the YBFF office number to let us know you have returned safely. There will be a reminder note left on top of your folder to help you remember to call. If we don't hear from you, we will attempt to contact you by phone first, and if unable to reach you, make the next appropriate visit and continue our service until we do hear from you. If you are delayed getting back for any reason, we will be happy to extend our service until you arrive home, we ask that you make every attempt to contact YBFF by telephone or email immediately if a problem arises. We check messages the last thing at night, and the first thing in the morning, as well as every hour during the day. Emails are checked throughout the day as well.

An invoice with an envelope addressed to YBFF will be left in your folder on the last day of service. There will also be an evaluation form, we would appreciate you filling this form out to help us provide the best possible service.  We will also leave a short form to be completed prior to your next service with any updated information. If you are scheduling service online, you will not need to complete that form.

After the first service, we are ready to go for the next service with a phone call, an email, or via this website, all we need is are the service dates. We ask that you give us at least three days notice, but understand when this is impossible due to an emergency. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs. We do ask that you try to schedule dates over the holidays as much in advance as possible, we quickly become booked and will not schedule more work than we can service properly (See our Rates Page for cancellation and late booking charges).


YBFF understands there are times when it may be necessary for someone to stay in your home overnight (ill pet, new puppy, old pet, or just because it is your preference, etc.), YBFF has a team of home/pet sitters that will stay in your home overnight. YBFF provides each overnight person with a list of YBFF expectations, and thorough instructions for each job. We check in with the pet/home sitter continually throughout the service, and will be on the scene should any emergency arise with them. This same team of overnight staff does fill-in work for YBFF as well, they are all top notch. We will schedule a meeting with you, the YBFF client representative, and the person house/pet sitting so you can interview them yourself, and go over details of the job.  Rates for this service will vary depending on the services required.


YBFF offers home care for those of you without pets. YBFF home care gives you a piece of mind while you are away on business or vacation. You won't need to worry about stopping the paper and mail, or worry about packages sitting on your front porch during your absence. If a water pipe breaks, or some unforeseen visible problem occurs, we will see the problem during our daily walk through, and will call the appropriate numbers you have provided us.


YBFF realizes how hectic a day can be for the owners of our furry friends, so we offer a pet chauffeur and errand service for our clients. We provide transportation to and/or from vet and grooming appointments and doggie day care. We are also available to make trips to the pet store to pick up pet food and supplies.These services are charged at an hourly rate and billed per quarter hour. These services should be scheduled at least a week in advance so we are able to work them into our schedules. We know emergencies occasionally come up and will do our best to meet your needs should that happen.

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