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A Reminder of YBFF's Cancellation Policy

July 2013

With summer here and the holiday seasons coming up, we are going to firmly adhere to our cancellation policy effective July 1, 2013.

Our scheduling is done several days in advance and when we slot pet sitting service or dog walking and its cancelled at the last minute, we are unable to fill that spot. This creates not only a loss for the company but for the individual staff member that was assigned to that service.

The cancellation fee also helps cover administration costs that are incurred when services are booked and scheduled.

Following is a list of our fees and the guideline of times when a fee is assessed:

  • Dog Walking with less than 4 hours notice $15.00 flat fee
  • Pet Sitting without 7 days prior notice 25% of estimated job total
  • Booking less than 24 hours During A HolidayPeriod 15%
  • Pet Sitting during a holiday period (if a holiday falls within that service) without 7 days prior and notice 40% of estimated job total.
  • Overnight Pet Sitting with less than 14 days confirmed prior notice 50% of job (our overnight staff commits to the specific job and have to turn down other jobs)
  • Overnight during a holiday period without 14 days notice 75% of job

The following is a reminder of other charges that might affect you:

  • Not calling YBFF office to leave message home when you arrive home and YBFF makes a visit $20.00
  • Key pick up or drop off after initial service $15.00
  • Additional meetings requested after our initial/first meeting $19.00

Thank you, and we hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

The YBFF Team

YBFF Social Media

April 2013

Those of you with a keen eye will see that we have added a Instagram link on this page. We will be using the Instagram page to post up-to-date pictures of all our furry friends on their adventures. Check it out, click the link and Follow Us to see your and other pet's having fun with YBFF.

YBFF and Instagram

YBFF has a Facebook Page and Twitter Account too. To hear the latest updates from YBFF Like 'Your Best Friend's Friend' on Facebook. And Follow '@ybffpetcare1' on Twitter.

A Bit of Fun! (And A Tip)

March 2013

Dogs get lots of smells from the ground. When snow covers the ground, it's much more difficult for dogs to get the usual smells that give them information about the world. In the winter make sure your dog always wears a leash and his name tags because if he were to get lost, it might be harder for him to find his way home using the usual smells for clues.

A Bit of Fun!

February 2013

Walks are good for people but great for dogs Walking your dog can literally save its life, according to a study presented in 2010 by dog-walking researcher Rebecca Johnson at the University of Missouri.
Johnson's team conducted a study of dogs at shelters: Half were randomly selected for five walks a week by elderly human volunteers, while the canine control group "sat glumly in their cages," says Hal Herzog at Psychology Today. "The results were impressive," if sad for the control group: 75 percent of the walked dogs were adopted into permanent homes, versus 35 percent of the not-walked; 9 percent of the walked were euthanized, compared with 27 percent of the control group. Elderly dog-walkers benefit, too, according to Johnson. They become fitter and healthier than those who don't walk, and even those who walk with human friends.

Give us a call to make sure your dog is getting the walks it needs - 303-692-1140

Cats have better memories than dogs.
Tests conducted by the University of Michigan concluded that while a dog's memory lasts no more than 5 minutes, a cat's can last as long as 16 hoursóexceeding even that of monkeys and orangutans.

Have fun!
The YBFF Team

Schedule Holiday Services Now!

November 2012

We still have availability for holiday services, but because we want to give the best service possible, we do not overload our staff during this busy time of the year. We encourage you to schedule your services sooner rather than later because we do fill up quickly!

This includes overnight services too. We currently do have overnight availability in addition to dog walking and pet sitting. But due to it's popularity, we can't promise these services will be available closer to the holiday.

Give us a call to get on the calendar! 303-692-1140

Also, don't forget your walkers and pet sitters this holiday season, gratuities are optional but greatly appreciated!

We know how busy the Christmas season is for everyone, and with so much going on it is easy for things to slip our minds, but please remember if you have service with us booked and circumstances change, please let us know. Our walkers and sitters are on tight schedules, and time is precious. There are also other furry friends out there who may appreciate a visit that opens up because of your cancellation. To that end, here is a reminder of our holiday cancellation policies:

  • Pet sitting less than 7 days notice = 40% cancellation fee.
  • Overnights less than 14 days notice = 75% cancellation fee.
  • We also will be charging an extra 20% if requesting service with less than 48 hours notice for any type service.

All that leaves us to say, is that we hope you have a wonderful Christmas season, and please do not hesitate to call us if we can help you in any way.

The YBFF Team

Howl-o-ween Pet Safety Tips

October 2012

Halloween is a fun day for families, but it can be a stressful or even dangerous day for pets. In order to make it an enjoyable and safe experience for pets, here are a few tips from Banfield the Pet Hospital to keep in mind.

1. Keep your pet away from the front door

Dogs in particular, may feel the need to protect their home and may bite your bizarre-looking visitors, or become frightened.

2. Ensure decorations cannot be pulled down

Your pet could become injured or even entangled and cause harm to themselves in their panic to get free. 

3. Be careful of pets around candles and lit pumpkins

Pets are attracted to bright lights in a darkened room. Candles can be easily knocked over, spilling hot wax onto furniture and carpet, and potentially causing a fire. Curious kittens especially run the risk of getting badly burned.

4. Do not take your cat or dog with you in the car while your kids go trick-or-treating.

It can be very frightening to a pet to sit in a dark car while scary creatures of every size and shape walk by. Your normally friendly pet can become aggressive & protective.

5. Do not give your pet candy

  • Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance that can be lethal if ingested by your pet.
  • Sticks on caramel apples can be swallowed and cause damage to internal organs or choking.
  • Packaging can cause choking or intestinal blockage. Foil wrappers can become as dangerous as razors when swallowed.

6. Keep your pet inside

There are plenty of stories of vicious pranksters who have teased, injured, even stolen pets that are left in their yards or allowed to roam outside on this night.

The YBFF Team

YBFF Introduces a New Premier PAWtner

September 2012

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest Premier PAWtner: The Pooch Mobile.

The Pooch Mobile brings the dog wash to you!

YBFF Premier PAWtner - The Pooch Mobile 

To learn more about The Pooch Mobile, please visit our Premier PAWtners page.

The YBFF Team

Beat Kennel Cough with YBFF

August 2012

One of the BEST reasons to use in-home pet care is the high risk of kennel cough found in situations where multiple dogs are in close proximity for an extended amount of time.

Our friends at the Pet Health Network explain that Kennel cough is an infectious bronchitis that could be compared to a cold with a scratchy throat in people. The most common symptom of canine kennel cough is a harsh, hacking cough that sounds as if something is stuck in your dogís throat.

Keeping your dog at home while you are away can help beat the chances of your dog catching kennel cough, because as the Pet Health Network tells us, dogs in highly populated situations such as boarding facilities, doggy day care, and dog parks are most likely to get kennel cough, which can be transmitted by air or by contact with infected surfaces. Puppies and younger dogs are at the greatest risk, but older dogs can also become infected. 

Read more of the Pet Health Network's article on kennel cough HERE.

Using YBFF's services allows you to keep your dog at home while you are away, and in turn helps prevent the chances of your dog catching kennel cough. Call us at 303.692.1140 or schedule service online here.

The YBFF Team

Saving Your Pet With CPR

July 2012

Itís not a scenario you want to imagine: finding your dog unconscious. Finding your pet not breathing, or heart not beating is a scary thought, but if you stay calm, there are things you can do. If possible, have another person call your veterinarian while you perform CPR.

Animals Need Help And Compassion Facebook Page has a helpful image that will provide the key steps you need to perform if you find yourself in this precarious position. Click the image below and a printable version of how to perform CPR will open. Print it, and put it on your fridge!


The YBFF Team

Summer Dog Safety Tips

July 2012

Our pets love summer just as much as we do! Itís the best time of year to be out and about and enjoying all that the season has to offer, from picnics to hikes, swimming, running, or just enjoying a nap in the backyard with your best canine friend. However, summer isn't all fun in the sun for our four legged friends. Check out this article for the top ten summer safety tips for dogs,written by the knowledgeable folks at The Pet Health Network.

The YBFF Team

YBFF has New Policies and Forms

May 2012

New Communications Policy

**Note: This policy ONLY affects pet sitting and walking clients, this policy does NOT affect overnight clients.**

We understand the importance of communication when it comes to our clients and their pets. We also understand that knowing things went well on a pet sitters first visit to our clients' homes is critical to their peace of mind and our level of service. With that in mind, our pet sitters will no longer be texting clients when they arrive at their homes. Clients will now receive an email from our office (upon request) during regular business hours to communicate that all is well. Please know that if anything is wrong, we will contact you immediately via the number you have provided, or via the emergency contact you have provided.

If an evening visit (after 5pm) is the first visit to your home, you will receive an email the next morning by 8am. Every morning and throughout the day all staff members review schedules and/or changes and any discrepancies that are reported to YBFF. By routing all communication through the office, we ensure that management is aware of any issues while at the same time protecting the privacy of our clients and staff. If you would like additional updates through the duration of your service, please make a request through the office prior to your service, and we will accommodate your communication needs.

New Forms in Document Library

In our continued effort to provide the best possible service, we have added two new forms to our Document Library for our clients to fill out prior to service. We now have an Injury/Illness Report Status Form and a Medication Instruction Form. These forms should be filled out prior to service, and enables our team to monitor the types of medications animals require, while also providing a record for our office so we don't miss anything. These forms also benefit our clients so they know when medication was given. To see or download these new forms, Click Here.

We appreciate your understanding, and strive to continue providing top quality care to all of our clients.


Janice Fehrman-Nickoloff

Debra Gifford
Office Manager

YBFF Introduces a New Premier PAWtner

April 2012

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest Premier PAWtner: PAWS and READ magazine. This free pet magazine is designed to bring you informative articles that are fun to read, letting you know what our community has to offer. The magazine covers everything from pet friendly hotels to local lesser know charities, to behind the scene stories about our beloved pets.

To learn more about PAWS and READ, please visit our Premier PAWtners page.

The YBFF Team

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April 2012

Would you know what to do if your pet had a medical emergency? The Conscious Cat website can help with some great information. The Conscious Cat tells us that administering first aid until you can get your pet to a veterinarian can save your petís life. Most of us have some basic knowledge of first aid for humans Ė but would you know what to do for your pet?

To read more of this great article provided by The Conscious Cat website, visit the website here.

The YBFF Team

YBFF Welcomes New Team Members

March 2012

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest team members: Kristin, Shirley, and Debra.

To get to know our new members a little more, please visit our Staff Pages to read their biographies.

The YBFF Team

Changes Coming to YBFF

February 2012

Thank You Erin, and Good Luck!

Recently Erin Sylte, our office manager, decided to pursue other professional opportunities, so is no longer with YBFF. We look forward to finding the perfect person to fill her shoes and really add to our already great team. In the meantime, as some of you may already know, Anita Driscoll and I (Janice) are filling in to keep everything running smoothly.

Please send all emails to instead of If you do send an email to that address it will be automatically forwarded to the email. Also, please call the office, (303)-692-1140, rather than Erinís cell phone. We will update all clients once we find the right candidate. Please do not hesitate to contact me at with any questions.

Janice Fehrman Nickoloff (Owner/Founder)

Keep Your Older Pooch Feeling Young at Heart

February 2012

More Great Tips from the ASPCA

Similar to humans, as animals begin to age, they have different diet, exercise and lifestyle requirements. Check out these tips to keep your older dog feeling young and healthy.

The YBFF Team


January 2012

10% Savings on Services

Save 10% on any service in February, when you book before January 31st.

Our overnight team still has openings! Have last minute travel plans? We still have overnight availability for January. Book now for overnight services during the rest of January 2012, and receive 10% off your next service!

The YBFF Team

Pet Safety Travel Tips

January 2012

ASPCA Releases Pet Air Travel Tips

The holidays may be over, but many people are taking advantage of some great deals and still traveling at this time of the year. And more and more people are taking their pets with them, even if the trip includes air travel!

Check out the ASPCA's 10 very important tips to ensure you and your pet have safe travels. Click here to read the full article...

And of course, if you are unable to take your pet with you on your next trip, contact us at YBFF, and we will make sure your pet is well looked after while you are gone. Call us at 303.692.1140 or schedule online here.

The YBFF Team

Last Minute Travel Plans?
Don't Leave Me Alone!

December 2011

We Still Have Availability.

Doing any last minute traveling? YBFF still has openings for overnight service and regular pet sitting services. Right now we have overnight service openings December 10th-18th and the 27th-Jan 1st. Regular pet sitting is still available every day.

The best part is, if you havenít booked your service, you can call now at 303.692.1140 for a 10% discount on a last minute booking!.

The YBFF Team

Holiday Tips

December 2011

Say NO to Mistletoe

Holly, when ingested, can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset and cardiovascular problems. And many varieties of lilies, can cause kidney failure in cats if ingested. Opt for just-as-jolly artificial plants made from silk or plastic, or choose a pet-safe bouquet.

Chocolate Toxicity

Keep the sweets in the stockings! Chocolate is toxic to dogs, cats, and other pets. Depending on the type and amount ingested, chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, panting, abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizuresóand even death in severe cases.

The YBFF Team

Get Ready for the Holidays!

November 2011

Schedule Holiday Services Soon!

Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and you're ready for in-laws and eggnog. As you're making your list, check it twice to make sure YBFF is caring for your pet while you're away for the holiday. Our holiday schedules fill up fast, and we want to make sure there's enough room for everyone!

Even if you simply need a day time visit, a walk while you're entertaining, or a trip to the vet when you're just too busy, YBFF provides the services to make you and you pet comfortable and stress free over the holidays. Call us at 303.692.1140 or schedule online here.

The YBFF Team

Did you know we have YBFF Gift Cards?

November 2011

The perfect gift for the animal lover who has everything. And the best part... They don't expire!

Purchase gift cards before December 31st, 2011, and you will recieve 10% off your next service. (Up to 5 days service, not valid during holidays).

Call 303.692.1140 to order now.

The YBFF Team

Vote for YBFF

June 2011

Your Best Friend's Friend nominated (again) for the 2011 Denver Channel 7 A-List

Vote for YBFF - Best Pet Sitters 2011 

Every year Denver voters decide who provides the best services in the Denver area, and this year we've been nominated for the category Best Pet Sitters in Denver. Last year we were 3rd place and this year we'd love to hit number 1! We can't do it without you though, so please visit the A-List website and vote for Your Best Friend's Friend in the Pet Sitting category. And don't forget to leave a 'tip'!

Thank you for giving us a paw up in the competition!

The YBFF Team

PAWrectory & Premier PAWtners pages added

June 2011

When you are in need of a service for your pets, look no further than the YBFF website

Our PAWrectory is your one stop to help find services for your pets. Trawling a yellow pages, or Google looking for the right service is never easy. That is why we put together this list of common services to help you save time when looking for what your pet needs.

We have also added a Premier PAWtners page, which goes one step further, and provides you with contacts for those companies that we think you should consider your very first stop.

We hope these valuable assets will help make life that little bit easier.

Memorial Day Plans?

May 2011

Don't forget to schedule services for Memorial Day with YBFF!

We're available for visits all throughout the holiday weekend, including overnight stays!

To schedule service call the office at 303-692-1140, email at, or schedule online here.

And remember, when you refer us to friends and family, we reward you with $10.00 towards your next service.

Pain at the Pump!

April 2011

As many of you have probably felt the pain at the pump yourselves, we have also been hit especially hard by the recent increase in gas prices due to the tremendous amount of driving we do traveling to our furry friend's homes. In order to provide the excellent service you have come to know, we have found it necessary to institute a temporary gas surcharge. The surcharge will take effect May 1, 2011 and remain in effect until unleaded gas prices fall below $3.25 in the Denver Metro area.

Prices Effective 5/1/2011

$1.00 per visit for all pet/home sitting jobs
$0.50 per visit for all scheduled dog walking jobs

To view all our rates Click Here

We really appreciate your understanding, and please feel free to call or email ( with any questions, comments or concerns.

Spring Break Plans?

March 2011

Don't forget to schedule services for spring break with YBFF!

Spring has sprung, and it's not too late to schedule services for while you're away! We want to make sure we can accommodate everyone's needs, so be sure to schedule your services sooner than later! We're available for visits all throughout the day, evenings and overnight visits, 7 days a week! We can even run your pet to the groomer, vet or doggy day care while you're away. Call the office at 303-692-1140, email at, or schedule online here. And remember, when you refer us to friends and family, we reward you with $10 towards your next service. See you soon!

Join YBFF at the 2011 Dumb Friend's League Furry Scurry!

March 2011

Weíd like to invite you to join the YBFF team in the 2011 Furry Scurry, benefiting the Denver Dumb Friendís League. This 2 mile walk around Washington Park on Saturday, May 7th helps the Dumb Friends league care for as many as 25,000 homeless animals each year.

If you are able to join us in the walk, click here to register. Select Join/Create Team, type YBFF in the team name box under Register with an Existing Team and select Search. Once you get to the Team YBFF team, select Join Team. You can choose to support the team in a number of different ways, itís up to you!

Once youíve decided how youíre going to participate, you will need to fill in your personal information and billing information.

You are not required to donate to walk with the YBFF team. On the day of the race, just wear a yellow t-shirt and bring your dog! We will provide details on a time and a meeting spot at Wash Park closer to the day of the event. We'll have prizes for you and your dog, and also something fun and yellow for your dog to wear, so be sure to get there early!

If you are unable to participate in the walk, you may also choose to make a donation on behalf of the YBFF team.  Once you click the link above to donate, choose to Donate to a Furry Scurry Team, click on Team YBFF, and then click on Support Team YBFF to choose your gift amount.

We look forward to seeing everyone in May! If you cannot come, we thank you in advance for any gift you may be able to give; your donations help those who cannot speak for themselves.

Visit YBFF's New Blog (YBFF Pet Care Blog)

February 2011

Come visit, and tell your friend's about YBFF's new Blog, where we will be bringing you Pet News, Tips, and Stories.

At Your Best Friendís Friend, we always want to keep our clients abreast of not only whatís happening at YBFF, but whatís happening in the world of pet care.

We provide care for our clients  pets to the best of our ability, but we canít always be there to provide tips, ideas and news on the best ways to take care of your pet.

We invite you to check out our new Blog and check back often, for tips, tricks, news and fun updates about YBFF and the world of dog walking, pet sitting, cat care, horse care etc., and all things pets we love!

Donít forget to call  to set up spring services!  Call: 303-690-1140,  email: or schedule service HERE.

YBFF 2010 Slideshow

January 2011

As always, YBFF loves hanging with your pets, but we also love a furry photo shoot every now and again! Check out our slideshow from 2010 to see if your four legged family member made the runway! Unfortunately we couldn't capture everyone, so if we've missed your pet, please send your pictures to so we can make sure to add them into the next one!

Spring Break Services

January 2011

It may only be January, but spring will be here soon! Call us to schedule spring break services at 303-690-1140, or email at You can also schedule services HERE.

Holiday Special

December 2010

Purchase a YBFF gift certificate before December 31st and receive 5% off your next service. Happy holidays!

Schedule Holiday Services Soon!

December 2010

Thanksgiving has passed, Black Friday is over and you're ready for in-laws and eggnog. As you're making your list, check it twice to make sure YBFF is caring for your pet while you're away for the holiday. Our holiday schedules are filling up, and we want to make sure there's enough room for everyone! Even if you simply need a day time visit, a walk while you're entertaining, or a trip to the vet when you're just too busy, YBFF provides the services to make you and your pet comfortable and stress free over the holidays. Call us at 303.692.1140 or visit our Schedule Service form to schedule services.

Need a Gift?

December 2010

Not sure what to get the animal lover that has everything? The gift of love and time spent with a pet when an owner is away is the best gift you can give. YBFF has gift certificates in any denomination, and no expiration date. Call for the perfect gift today! 303.692.1140.

Welcome Back Mary!

November 2010

Many of you know and love our full-time pet sitter, Mary Downum-Lister. Some of you may not know that she left YBFF for short time to help her mother, who was recovering from major surgery. We are all pleased that Mary's Mom has made a full recovery, and Mary is now back in full swing again with YBFF.

Holiday Gifts for Pets and Their People

October 2010

Join the YBFF Team for some Holiday fund raising fun! Sponsored by Every Creature Counts, the "Holiday Gifts for Pets and Their People" event benefits animal rescue organizations in the Colorado area and will feature handmade crafts, food and fun for the entire family. The event will take place on the 6th and 7th of November at Tagawa Gardens in Centennial. For more information please click here.

Your Best Friend's Friend Comes Third In Denver's 7 A-List...Thank You For Your Votes!

October 2010

Thank you to everyone who voted for Your Best Friend's Friend on Channel 7's Best of Denver A-List. Thanks to all of you, we came in 3rd Place! We wouldn't be able to do what we do without our loyal clients and friends. We sincerely appreciate your business and support, and will continue to deliver best in class service. Visit the Channel 7 A-List results page to check out other Best of Denver restaurants, shops, bakeries and more!

Join YBFF At The Festival Of The Bastardino (Italian for Dog)!

September 2010

The third annual Festival of The Bastardino is a charity fund raiser for Freedom Service Dogs, an organization that acquires and trains dogs to assist disabled military veterans. The event is free, and will feature vendor booths for sampling and sales, along with activies, games, food and fun. Dogs welcome!

Location: Centennial Park, Englewood, CO
Time & Date: Saturday, September 11th 2010 10am-3pm
What to Bring: Yourself and your best friend (furry or not)

Your Best Friend's Friend Adds New Team Members

July 2010

Your Best Friend's Friend, a locally owned and operated full service pet care provider, announced this month that they have added two new members to the YBFF team. The growth of clientele and the recent expansion into Highlands Ranch, Colorado, has increased the company's need to add care takers to their staff. The company welcomes Jennifer Brown and Lindsey Bowman to the team.

Jennifer Brown, full time pet sitter and dog walker, brings tremendous knowledge and experience in dog and cat care, extensive training of medical practices and proper handling of extreme emergencies. Growing up, Jennifer's father operated a privately owned feline and canine rescue center, where she not only gained extensive knowledge and passion for all types of animals, but also began to raise and show her own rabbits and horses. Beginning at age 9, Jennifer raised mini Rex rabbits for show as well as improved breeding techniques, and has made remarkable progress in the development of rabbit genetics and nutrition.

Lindsey Bowman is a Colorado native, currently residing in Denver. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a Bachelor's degree in marketing, and works as a marketing manager for a software company in Golden, Colorado. Lindsey grew up surrounded by and caring for animals, as her father is a veterinarian. In her free time Lindsey is extremely active, with a passion for yoga, running, volleyball and snowboarding in the winter. She is also very passionate and involved in health and fitness, and is a health and fitness writer and consultant for a local online publication. Lindsey helps YBFF with overnight care and fill-in help.

Both women are very excited to be a part of the YBFF team, and look forward to contributing to YBFF's quality care and dedication to excellence.

Your Best Friends Friend Expands Service into Highlands Ranch, Colorado

June 2010

Your Best Friend's Friend, a locally owned and operated full service pet care provider, announced this month that their growth and success in the Denver community and surrounding areas has enabled YBFF to expand their service boundaries to include Northwest Highlands Ranch. In addition to their recent expansion, YBFF serves clients in South Denver, Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills, and parts of Centennial and Littleton.

In recent years, YBFF has grown to a team of twelve team members. Thorough background checks are performed on each employee and all are trained in animal first aid, including injections and CPR. YBFF is insured, bonded and an accredited member of Pet Sitters International. Prior to each job, YBFF conducts an initial new client meeting to discuss the specific needs of the pets and owners.

In addition to the basic duties of feeding and caring for pets, house care is also included. YBFF brings in mail, takes out the trash, waters plants and provides daily notes to the pet owners to recount the visits.

YBFF offers a full range of pet care services - from a quick mid afternoon break or dog walks of any length, to full pet sitting care when owners are out of town. Additionally, YBFF provides care for horses, birds, and small animals. Overnight services, errands, and pet chauffeuring are also available. While some animals only require one visit per day, others need two or more. "We tailor our visits to your pet's specific needs," says YBFF founder, Janice Fehrman - "And we're always willing to go beyond the call of duty to ensure clients can be worry free when away from home."

According to the American Humane Society, pets are happiest when they are at home, surrounded by familiar sights and smells. For Janice Fehrman, the owner and founded of Your Best Friend's Friend, true happiness comes from pet ownership and the interaction with animals. "YBFF knows animals are much more than pets; they are family members," said Fehrman. "That's why choosing quality pet care is so important."

"YBFF went above and beyond taking care of our pets, by taking care of our flooding basement while we were out of town," said Shelly, a customer of YBFF. "And the pets were happy too!"

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